Securing our web browser and online privacy

Test your browser security @ This is what ChatGPT thinks of artificial intelligence

Also, did anyone read this NSA attains the Holy Grail of spying, decodes vast swaths of Internet traffic | Ars Technica

Bruce Schneier has some thoughts on this The NSA Is Breaking Most Encryption on the Internet - Schneier on Security

What are you thoughts on this ?
Is it time for new thing to happen in this industry ?

If the Security Agencies (NSA etc, no matter what country) have broken (or been given keys to break) encryption then its time for something new…but I cannot see this happening.

Remember, its all software written by humans, which IMHO means there will always be vulnerabilities that can potentially be exploited.

I don’t see anything that could replace it.
However, I did have a car alarm that continuously rotated the codes…maybe that would be the next step in encryption, rotating algorithms and encryption keys.

First of all: I like the New Topic, This is real handy.

I just want to ask this, since I use it: I have Peerblock 1.1 installed and running,

And I have all 4 checked plus 1 extra to allow Comodo Internet Security thru to auto update Signatures.

My Question is it Still Needed to be run like I have been doing.

Like at the Present time. I run:

CIS 6.2 as in Latest Version.

Malwarebytes (malware anti-exploit) what Jay2007tech Recommends. (Well not really Recommend he says it’s good and Lite and good for Protect your system)

Peerbliock 1.1

UAC: Set Max.

Now for Comodo Dragon I run:

Disconnect (Latest)
Privdog (Latest)
Comodo Web Inspector (Latest)
HTTPS Everywhere (Latest)

Also I have 3 Party Cookies Blocked (Recommend by Chiron)

So that is my setup.

So Going back to PeerBlock 1.1 do I need to run it still.

Hope all this helps and thanks for the Topic



After reading the last 2 Links Mark, I say to myself! Is it worth using the Internet if it’s going that way. :o

2 Nige: yea, it kinda sucks to know all this stuff and unable to do nothing about it. :-TD
Although im not doing anything illegal (offline-online) i still deeply care about my privacy !

And for browser privacy, you can go all crazy like some TOR based browsers (that would mess up 90% of the web pages) or some conventional like CD, CID or FF.
AS i couldn’t get CD to be as secure as i want (Archived History, Archived History-journal, Current Session, History Index, History journal etc etc, that stores data you can read in common text editor), i switched to CID but couldn’t find any reason to stay on it comparing it to pure FF with some “about:config” tweaks that i can do on my own.
So i went to do a security check and then tuned Firefox to my spec.
When you go over some red warnings you get info how to turn it off in “about.config”

for example:

Also turned off flash cookie

Also other settings i use and add-ons in FF.

Configured “self destructing cookie” to dump all tab cookies after 10 seconds that tab is closed (including local storage), browser cache idle dump at 10 minutes.
Ghostery has Ghost rank turned off, auto update of trackers/cookies (all selected in menu) + selected to delete all flash and silverlight cookies at exit.
Adblock+ has 4 sources (easylist, social blocking, malware domains, easy privacy), non intrusive advertising is turned OFF.

I found this setup to delete all history and leave no data on PC (although im the only one using it).
Browser response is excellent on all of this add-ons as they are not lot of them.
This setup will give you far more privacy then CD,CID,Chrome,stock FF.

Many thanks for that Input Mark,

But overall is it a Real eye opener.

I will try those specs with FF.

In fact I will do it all in Virtual as in Under Comodo Sandbox and see how it works out.

As for the Tor Browser.

I still have that setup Firefox with JonDoFox on my Laptop.

But I will install FF on my main machine under Comodo Virtual Kiosk

also I have change my search engine back to Duckduckgo from ixquick, One think build into duckduckgo is Tor, And as you know Tor on own is Slow! :slight_smile:
Anyway Duckduckgo is getting a overhauled soon. Info below.

We’ve continued to roll out changes to our community platform at and have a bunch more in store over the next few months. We’re
trying to consolidate all of our secondary sites onto this open-source platform.
From this past month check out:
– new help pages: Welcome | DuckDuckGo Help Pages
– new feedback system: Contact Us | DuckDuckGo Help Pages
– new blog posts highlighting some of our search partners:

Thanks again Mark

Best wishes


For me startpage or ixquick has much better experience in terms of search results then duckduckgo (not visual as duckduckgo is much better then these two)


no prob, i’m glad to help ! :-TU

Yeah, That is very True Mark,

That is what EricJH was on about the other day under the old Topic, of CD Phones back to Google.

about Startpage and ixquick.

But today a seen a few Youtube Videos over all 3 Search Engines

And Overall result shown is that ixquick and duckduckgo run very similar but on the rating out of 5 they said they would use Duckduckgo 4 time out of 5 and ixquick 3 times out of 5 and startpage 3 times out of 5.

Crazy stats.

But I’m sticking to what I’m used too. as in Duckduckgo. for my Personal Preference.

This s a great topic thread, thanks for starting!

I would add that with any of these wonderful technologies to keep our information secure and private, there must always be a priority on usability. i.e. Can a mere mortal (normal, casual Internet user) easily utilize these techs to keep safe? Yes, there can be a lot of hoops to jump through and geeky setups to stay secure, private and (maybe) anonymous. However, if it is not easily usable by the masses of Internet users, it will not be “adopted”.


How to Protect Your Online Privacy

How to Harden Your Browser Against Malware and Privacy Concerns

This Is a very impOrtant topic and Will oNly gain momentum as we keep relying on internet more…

We are working on a very exciting project that will solve this problem!


Thanks Melih,

That does sound Interesting. I will just have to watch this space.

And for Chiron, Thanks for re inputting those Links, but I need to check then out against what Mark1 has posted etc then go from there.


Can’t wait for it ;D

As always :110:

Even Comodo forums uses Google analytics. There is no privacy anywhere… ;D

Disconnect blocks

Yes, well if you\Comodo care(s) about privacy, then maybe helping Google with heir profiling isn’t that clever (especially because there are alternatives that don’t rely on a third party). Anyway, I was only joking.

a browser for “Privacy”

another good one
its about disabling geo location for our browsers (I haven’t noticed any side effects for my web surfing so this looks good)

For firefox or its varients like comodos ice dragon
For firefox
In the address bar, typing about:config.
There will be a warning. Click ok
look for geo.enabled
double click it to set it to “false.”

For the other browsers look at the website in my post

As for google-analytics I know some of the firefox addons that block google-analytics also blocks google services :cry:
Right now I trying this addon out to (I’ll be the labrat to test this out for the team) I wont recommend it to anyone right now until I can verify the claims of it seeing how the addon is from google) If this works out, I’ll post it here with some proof (I dont have a lab, but it should be what I call reasonable proof)
So far youtube works fine :azn:
Fairly soon I’ll try out google maps next. I have a project I’m working on in the comodo mod section that needs finished first. It has the higher priority right now

One other thing I forgot to ask Jay

With Malwarebytes malware anti-exploit

I noticed within the Shields it Protect Google Chrome, does that include Dragon since it’s based on that.

Mind you I see no option as yet to add it, But maybe in later version ?

Thanks again


I Answered my own Question

Malwarebytes malware anti-exploit does not Protect Comodo Dragon.

The Reason how I know, I Opened Internet Explorer 10 and it said Shielded Applications 2 when I check it, it said Internet Explorer is Protected.

So It will do that with Google Chrome.

But Since Malwarebytes malware anti-exploit beta stage Version I guess we can add Dragon when they move on with there Beta updates, into Main Versions.



*****I removed the work around solution due to a few people reported some minor issues with the work around and its not very user friendly

Is the desktop shortcut really needed or is it just for easy access? I mean, there’s nothing in the anti-exploit program that needs the desktop shortcut in order to work, right?