Securing my computer on my LAN

My neighbor has recently started sharing my internet access through my wireless router. Being the non-savvy computer user that he is, I’m a little paranoid of viruses/security threats spreading within the local area network. Would anybody have any suggestions on how to secure my computer from such threats? How do I deny visibility/access to my computer to everyone else on the network?

And also, my Defense+ is currently disabled. What does this do? Should I turn it on?

Thanks in advance!


Firstly I hope that your neighbor has gotten your permission before starting sharing your Internet connection. If not I suggest that you secure your wireless connection by enabling WPK encryption as well as MAC address filtering. See your router’s manual for this.

A simple way of securing your computer is to install CIS, once installed, open the GUI, choose the Miscellaneous > Manage my configurations and activate Proactive Security.

The other thing you can do is to stealth your ports. Choose Firewall > Stealth Port Wizard.

Hope this helps