SecureEmail won't encrypt nor digitally sign email [RESOLVED]

I am using the 32 bit product, I am using thunderbird my O.S is windows xp home. I am using comodo’s own firewall and avast 4.8 my encryption settings on secure email are prompt if a non-encrypted mail is found, in advanced only encrypt for contacts where a certificate is already installed on the system is unchecked. Digital signing settings, are to digitally sign emails and to send clear text signed message when sending signed messages, in decryption settings decryption is turned off, for cert update other people’s email certs and my email certs are both set to auto the add a note to inform contacts that I don’t have their cert is checked.
I have tested it by sending mail to myself and to my web based mail but I was not asked if I wanted to send the mails encrypted or not.
ps typed this while tired so please forgive anything that is slightly wrong

Are you using SSL?

I don’t think so, no

Sorry after checking again yes I do have SSL enabled

Hi Patrice58,

I had the same issues as you had.

This currently released version does not support SSL. Shane’s development team is currently working on an SSL version. I am testing it out right now and it is working great, so sit tight!

Well this is a caring and sharing forum so…share lol

We will be releasing the SSL version late this week. :slight_smile:

Sweet that’s great news but will the old version be “fixed” via a auto update or will it be a uninstall, reinstall job? Thanks for all you help so far

Hi patrice58,

The current version of CSE isn’t broken with regards to SSL support, it’s just not a feature added in this version.

The CSE will show an automatic update message to download the new version but the new installer will request the old version be removed before installation. We have a new installer to be shipped in the version after that which will perform a smooth upgrade.

We need to coordinate a CAS release at the same time as CSE SSL so the release will probably be nearer the end of the month if not the first week in August.


Thanks for all your replies.

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