SecureEmail Question

I have a question as to how keys are exchanged between users? If I install the Secure Email client on 50 desktops how will each user be able to get the public keys from all of the other users? Does Comodo have a public key server that the public keys are stored on?

Hi, Mike

When you install Comodo SecureEmail (CSE) on 50 desktops each user would be able to order and install Comodo e-mail certificates. Then every time when UserA sends signed e-mail to UserB - public key is attached to this e-mail and CSE will get this key and would be able to send e-mails encrypted with UserA’s certificate to UserA. Also CSE allows UserB to send encrypted e-mail to UserA even without public key of UserA - in this case session certificate is used. When user received e-mail encrypted with session certificate - CSE decrypts it for user, encrypts it with correct certificate and adds note that sender doesn’t have certificate of recipient. CSE has feature for this case - Certificate Update E-mail (CUE). When CSE founds that anyone doesn’t have public key of user it sends CUE to this user to exchange keys (sure, user is allowed to setup this feature to not send such e-mails if user doesn’t wish to do it).

I hope I’ve answered on your question. Feel free to ask any other questions on CSE.

Regards, Eugene.