I notice the announcement regarding securedns from the board.
However I find this part of the application nothing short of an intrusion.

I attach what seems to be the issue.

Some users surely would be considered wise enough not to run the risk, yet seems they have no choice, but to be warned or worse.

It has stopped some software on my pc working (download accelerator plus for example, and therefore stopped me downloading anything from the web)…and is continually warning (yes not stopping) me from accessing other sites that have subjectively labeled dangerous (potentially and allegedly malware and aiike).

This is so frustrating and anoying to have this inflicted upon this user.

The FAQ simply states to turn ‘off’ "Comodo Secure DNS can be removed from your system by simply changing your DNS server settings back to their original settings. " but does not say what they are or how.

Can someone please assist in advising how I can do this.



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How to disable or enable Comodo Secure DNS

Hi Nime,

Thanks for the prompt response

However in the interim and primarily due to the instablility of operation caused by this Comodo move, I am trying another FW, to see how that goes.
I have noted and saved the link.

Again thanks for the response.