Secured virtual keyboard

Please design a secured virtual keyboard for online transactions similar one available in kaspersky.

if you go to defense+ then to defense + settings and then click on monitoring settings you will see that your keyboard is protected.


Thanks a lot valentin!


Glad I could help! :smiley: :comodorocks:

If you are talking about a virtual keyboard that foils keyloggers, then Comodo won’t work.
I went to ‘Spyshelters’ website and downloaded their keylogger test and it caught all my key strokes.

However, if I use the Hover method in ‘Neo’s Safe Keys’ none of my keystrokes were captured.

I found out about it here …

and here…

Version 3 is the one to use.

However, it’s not on Comodos ‘whitelist’ >:( so it will sandbox it when you run it…but it never has attempted to access the internet, not even to update.

Anyway, hope that helps.