Secured partition in my protected files

I’m using ‘‘my protected files’’ for malware-protecting my partition by adding E: to the list. I left the other protected folders as they were. But if I install an application and allow that program to write to the also protected System 32 folder for example; then this application will also be able to modify my secured partition because I gave the application the rights to write to ‘‘my protected files’’. I hope there will be a feature like : Always ask to write to this particular folder which in my case would be E: even if this application is trusted

:slight_smile: Hope someone can tell me more about it

that should be already implemented. you may edit your program profile in Defense+ in the following way: under Defense+/advanced/computer security policy select your program → access rights → switch “protected files/folders” to “ask”, then click “edit” next to it → click add under “allowed files\folders” section → navigate → type in %windir%\system32* in text field → apply everywhere.

now your program should be allowed to write to \system32 folder silently, but warning should be displayed when this program is trying to modify protected entities.

this may not work if your Defense+ is in “clean pc” or “safe” mode and your program is in the global whitelist or signed by trusted vendor (in this case option trust apps digitally signed by trusted vendors should be also turned on): your specially adjusted policy for that application may be modified automatically by Defense+ ( =allow silently).

Thanks for you’re reply. I already figured that out and it works (safe mode) but it is a lot of work to do this for every application. I did the same with my predefined rules, but If you allow an application to do something that differs with the selected predefined rule then it will change to modified rules and then the trick doesn’t work anymore. So therefore I would really like a feature described above. Sorry for my english