Secure shopping


When I run Firefox in the container and Ice Dragon there is a green border around them.

When I run Secure Shopping there is none border. Is that normal ? Am I protected ?


When I start CSS into the container from the shortcut on the desktop the CSS wallpaper, the browser and the virtual keyboard do not appear.

Only appear the switch and close buttons.

Windows 10 Famille - 20H2 - 19042.746 / CFW :
CSS : 1.4.478445.159

is normal and you be protected;
border green appear only in containment, comodo secure shopping is different;
We should not running comodo secure shopping inside containment or sandbox (can cause crash, bluescreen…) :-TU

sorry my english!

HI domo78,

Thank you for bringing this to our notice, We will check the issue.


Thank you for your response.

On my other laptop :
Windows 10 Famille - 20H2 - 19042.685 / CIS PRO :

When I start CSS from the shortcut, Firefox starts with
When I start CSS from “General tasks”, Firefox starts with
Would it be possible that at launch we would only get the CSS wallpaper and the floating tools panel and after we launch the browser ? In my opinion it would make it cleaner.

In “Advanced Protection / Secure Shopping” I set up Firefox and 2 banking sites.
For one of the sites I had to change the URL because the original one was in format which is considered incorrect by CSS.
When I look at one of the 2 sites with Firefox normally CSS should suggest me using Secure Shopping. That is not the case.
Other software offers this service but it is not for me very useful and even sometimes annoying.

Hi domo78,

Our developers checked it. It’s expected behavior. Comodo Security Shopping is already protected environment (virtual container) and is not required to run it in Containment. For more details:


Thank you for your return.

I suggest an evolution: as it is possible to run an application in the CSS environment, would it be possible to keep its icon in the CSS task bar as for browsers?
Currently once CSS closed the icon will no longer appear at the next CSS launch.