secure shopping without antivirus

Dear Comodo experts,

I’d like to setup the most secure system I can, in order to access bank accounts online. 3 related questions:

(1) It seems like Comodo’s Secure Shopping (along with firewall / HIPS) is a perfect match for this, but I also want best in class anti-virus on such system, which based on independent results is another software (like Avira’s). However, if I uninstall Comodo’s AV, I can’t seem to install Secure Shopping feature. Is this correct?

Main Question: Is there some way to use Secure Shopping feature without Comodo AV?

There are always warnings out there that system could be quite unstable if two antiviruses are running or even just installed.

(2) If I have to have Comodo Anti-Virus installed for secure shopping feature to work, does AV have to be turned on for real time protection?

(3) Can I have Comodo AV installed but not running for real-time protection, and still have green “Secure” widget status indicating correct status of rest of the setup, like firewall and HIPS?

Say I have Comodo AV installed (for secure shopping) but I do NOT want it to run real-time (to avoid conflicts with my main AV like Avira’s or AVG or Avast). In that case, Comodo shows big “X” icon and indicates my system is not secure. I am afraid this would mask situation if for some reason my firewall or HIPS were down. Is there some way to configure Comodo with AV installed but turned off for real-time protection, while having status reflect rest of software setup (firewall and HIPS)?