Secure Shopping wish list

Dear Comodo team,

Thank you so much for a great product and support! I am very excited about the Secure Shopping feature and hope you can keep improving it as it’s definitely needed in today’s world!

I’d like to request a few improvements if I may…

First and foremost, and if I could only have 1 thing, could we please allow Secure Shopping feature work without having Comodo AntiVirus installed?

For all those people that want to (or even have to due to system requirements mandated by others) use another anti-virus provider, it would be great if we could use Comodo Firewall + HIPS and Secure Shopping. Today, it looks like Secure Shopping requires install of Comodo Antivirus which leads to system instabilities if 2 anti viruses are running together:-(

Small usability improvements as icing on the cake:

(a) Ability to configure links in the virtual environment so we can have our chosen security related programs or files accessible quickly from virtual desktop instead of having each time to go to Windows Explorer and finding them under their installed locations. Even if it’s some primitive list of a few things to link in the task bar, that would be a major improvement over virtual environment of today that can’t really be configured in any way.

(b) This might be more of a bug fix: my system has IE, Chrome and Firefox installed. Even after specifying in secure shopping configuration that I want to use Firefox as my browser, IE comes up automatically and only IE and Chrome links are there by default within the virtual desktop, so I have to navigate manually to firefox installation to start it up each time. If Comodo implemented suggestion (a), this would provide a workaround for bugs like this as well.