Secure Shopping questions

Hi experts,

I’ve been experimenting with using Secure Shopping feature. I love having another layer of protection against any potential keyloggers when entering passwords for sensitive websites.

I have a few questions:

(1) Is there some way to setups a bunch of links so that I don’t have to find various software I want to run each and every time after starting up my Secure Shopping protected desktop environment? Seems like it would be easy to implement so I can configure Secure Shopping desktop with my custom security software related links (including relevant files, folders, etc) that I normally need to run or access for secure transactions.

(2) I have IE, Firefox, and Chrome browsers installed. I want to specifically use Firefox for Secure Shopping but for some reason, even after making it default browser in Secure Shopping configuration, its link does not show up when I start Secure Shopping desktop environment. Instead, only IE and Chrome links appear at the bottom. Also, IE automatically opens up and starts connecting to internet. I do NOT want to use IE. I do not use IE at all on my system. So, every time I start Secure Shopping desktop, I have to close IE, open Windows Explorer, navigate manually to Firefox browser and open it manually. It’s very annoying and I would love to see this fixed, or even better, if someone can provide a workaround?!

(3) Is there software similar to Comodo’s secure shopping? It seems like a great idea and I’d love to use Comodo’s version since I already rely on Comodo for firewall and HIPS, but accessing all software that I need to run by finding it every time manually in Windows Explorer is becoming a pain.

(4) Is there some comparison I can find on how Secure Shopping stacks up against competition? If I have silent rootkits / keyloggers / malware running for some reason without realizing it, how good of a protection does Secure Shopping provide? I am sure there is no 100% protection in such case but it would be great to understand the value of this feature beyond the advertisement, which definitely sounds very appealing!

Well I can probably answer No.2
For some reason it doesn’t seem to like the setting Default Browser, but if FF shows in the pulldown under Secure Shopping options. choose that and it should work


Check this test :

It does not work. Under “Secure Shopping” section, I have that pulldown, called “Use this browser for Secure Shopping protection”. The pull down has 4 option lines (“Default Browser”, “Internet Explorer”, “Google Chrome” and “Mozilla Firefox”). I have had the last one (Mozilla Firefox) selected. However, when entering the secure shopping desktop environment, IE starts up and only IE and Chrome linked icons are displayed at the task bar.

FWIW, I am on CIS

Thank you!

Any takes for questions (1) and (2)?

Hello friends!
Could Secure Sopping be used as a standalone program without relying on CIS or CFW, or it still uses CIS/CFW virtualization modules? I mean if I install Secure Shopping with css_installer.exe I extracted from ProgramData>Comodo Downloader folder, but I dont have any other Comodo products installed, would SS work just as efficiently as it should?