Secure shopping not working.

After entering the page in the browser Secure shopping do not react.
The problem occurs in the latest stable version of CIS.
My operating system is Windows 7 x64 sp1.
My CIS version is
I will check if the problem is in the version As soon as the automatic upgrade to the latest version will be released
In version this problem also occurs.
I checked it on the Virtual Machine.

Hi blade120,

I’ve forwarded your request to our developers, they’re working on it.

Thank you Arvind B

Please check issue with thanks.


Works, but not on all pages.
For example, at no reaction whatsoever.
I think this problem has not been 100% removed
Because there are many pages to which the program does not respond and I think it should support every website added to the list in the settings.
I would like to ask you again about this matter.