Secure Shopping Copy Issue

after upgrading Comodo now I AM unable to pass copied text from Secure Shopping to Desktop PC.

Where I can report this and find a fix?
Should be an option to allow copied text can be moved in the Desktop.

Thank you!


This isn’t a bug, but is how CIS secure shopping should work in order to protect your personal information. If you would like to create a wish request to add an option to disable this, please see wish requests here:

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Thank you for the reply. 8)

My (under-informed) understanding:

The whole point of secure shopping is prevent malware on your computer from grabbing sensitive stuff from within your secure environment. If you could do the copy, so could the malware; and you want to prevent it doing so…

That’s correct. If you’re copying data it can be read by applications accessing the clipboard. Secure shopping module presents this (and other methods), therefore malware cannot steal any information this way.

can I ask… Secure Shopping are only available on CIS, are not available for who install only the Firewall?
If is available only on CIS why cannot be present also for who are using only the Firewall?

I cannot download and use Secure Shopping anymore if I do not use CIS who create issue to my PC ?


I have a similar question - I only want to use Comodo for firewall + HIPS + secure shopping; but I prefer another AntiVirus and so cannot have Comodo Anti Virus installed or running. Can we use Secure Shopping without Comodo AV installed?

You can use secure shopping with just the firewall installed. The new release from today allows you to select what you want to install now (I.e just firewall or just antivirus). You don’t need the full CIS to use secure shopping.;topicseen

hi mike6688,
thank you so… I need remove the Firewall, download CSI setup that create issues on my PC and install CSI by do not check antivirus?

Why Secure Shopping are not available on the Firewall setup only?

I feel not trust on download and install CSI again as crashed my PC. Only Firewall seems work better than CSI is very strange… CSI has isolated some application whitout asking me, the firewall do the same jobs but ask me… and is not question of settings as I use the same settings.

So finally I need unistall the Firewall for install again in CSI?
Secure Shopping are not avaiable on the Firewall only setup or install? IF I edit my Firewall installation I cannot choose to install secure shopping also if I download only the Firewall.

Hi peopleinside,

We are considering some options for this, i.e. option for each copy from and copy-to; including in Sandbox apps.

We would like to trouble shoot the problem if you see same behavior with latest v6293.

as mentioned here, you can download standalone CSS setup.


I just installed this new version with offline install but it did not ask me during the install which components I want to install. It went ahead and installed them all, including AntiVirus and Firewall (and HIPS, but not Secure Shopping). Did I miss something?

Offline installer doesn’t come with Secure Shopping.
And during installation of offline installer, under Components section you should see AV and Firewall as only two options available:
You may re-check following step:
“Step 2 - Installation Configuration” of CIS Premium – Installation, Best Internet Security, Comodo Internet Security Setup

Doh! I must have missed a Components tab at the top during that step… If I may, I would suggest making it another screen as part of the Wizard as it’s so easy to miss…