Secure Shopping & COMODO Sandbox

Doesn’t the Sandbox feature provide Shopping Security as stated in this video?

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Could someone please answer this, I really need 2 know. :slight_smile:

Auto sandbox is for unrecognized apps or programs which are not trusted. Your browser is presumably a trusted program that isn’t riddled with hacks so theres is usually no reason for using a sandbox with your browser unless you are surfing on unsafe websites or hiding all traces of your surfing activity.

Different purpose. For example, when you use it, you are alerted when intruder might be trying to capture screen trough a remote connection and so on. Secure Shopping is really useful. You seem to be a bit confused. It’s different. You’ll probably get the hang of it. No worries. :slight_smile:

You should read this topic:

… and if you have more questions after reading that, no problem.
Hope it helps.