Secure Shopping: changed behavior to show all desktop icons and then back


On my Win 7 PC, I have separate installs of CIS (v and CSS (Comodo Secure Shopping) which I downloaded and reinstalled separately in December. From within CIS settings, there is NO mention or settings for CSS. CSS just has a separate desktop icon and separate links to run or uninstall under All Programs → Comodo folder; so I have no idea how to get to its options or even figure out which version is installed. The only way I was finally able to find the version is via Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel, where it shows version 1.3.430655.134 (from Dec 2017).

I go in and out of CSS environment all the time. Yesterday, something weird happened. I used CSS normally, as I always do, then closed it, then did some other work on the PC, then opened it again and its UI completely changed. Instead of blank screen with gray shield in background, I could now suddenly see all my desktop icons and the background was my regular color scheme! Only the taskbar was replaced by the regular CSS taskbar showing 3 buttons (Windows Explorer, IE, Chrome).

I had not seen any updates coming through after last time I used CSS and I had not updated CIS either. In fact, because they seem to be installed as independent products, I am not sure whether I would even get CSS updates when CIS ones arrive.

In any case, I was surprised to see the new UI but I thought that was sweet because that has been one of my biggest pain points with CSS; i.e. that I could not see or easily access Desktop icons on it, making it very hard to open files and programs I use all the time. So, while I thought this was strange, I got excited for this change! In fact, I had asked for similar feature addon to CSS on these forums.

I could still go in and out of CSS with the new UI using the regular CSS control, and I confirmed that it prevented copying from the new CSS environment out onto my main screen.

So then I did my work and closed CSS, put computer to hibernate, went to bed. This morning, I started working and opened up CSS again. And now it’s back to the old boring UI, with gray shield and without any of the desktop icons!?!?!

So, what happened? Was it a glitch I saw yesterday?!

Now, I am back to having to navigate to Windows internal directories to try to find and execute applications that I need access to :frowning:

Hi folks,

Any takers for this one? Was this some bug I saw or a feature that I can turn on if I call CSS the right way?

Would be an awesome feature but so far I am back to seeing my old UI without any regular desktop icons :frowning:

Looks like a bug after all.

It just happened again. I went to open CSS and got all my desktop icons on my regular desktop with its regular background color inside the CSS but with CSS taskbar.

Then I left CSS and entered it again and now it’s the regular gray-shield-icon screen without any desktop icons.