Secure settings for hotel wireless when travelling?

I travel quite a bit and am always apprehensive about the various wireless networks I connect to around the country. I use a limited access account on my laptop for obvious safety reasons, this is also a concern because from what I can tell Comodo allows limited users to change all the settings.(which is fine with me as long as the guy in the room next to me is not the one changing my settings)


Can someone point me to a link or describe DETAILED rules/settings that will give me a really secure solution to this issue? If you could explain the settings/rules to me as if I had down syndrome that would be nice. I am semi-literate with my home setup security but public wireless is new to me.

Hiya… Doesn’t seem anyone has replied to your message… Strange… Anyway, Your best bet is when you are going out and about in hotels etc is to Delete your Trusted Zone Rule Usually Rule 0. You can always add it back again under the Tasks Define Trusted network. You should still be able to connect to the hotels network but block it’s traffic to your machine just in case it’s not a secure network. Another idea would be to get Free HotSpot Protection. There are a few products out there but obviously the paid ones are better.

Hope this helps… Fingers crossed CPF V3 will have some sort of Network Rules feature.