secure-read[at] ?


Could someone please help me out here. I installed CSE also Thunderbird running in imap, for Gmail :wink: I will say it now not an easy thing to do. Anyway the problems I seem to be having here are these.

  1. To be able to send any e-mail in Thunderbird I first have to make sure not to have the options:
    Encrypt This message and Digitally Sign This message, checked or marked :frowning:

  2. After removing the two above options in Thunderbird I can send an e-mail, but this is what I end-up with:

Read the message online using the Comodo Web Reader service

* If you are using web-based e-mail or a non-Windows operating system for e-mail, you can view your message on a secure website designed expressly for this purpose. Simply forward this e-mail to secure-read[at] and you will receive a return e-mail that provides access to that website.

Well I’ve done this I don’t know how many times now, and I’ve yet to get a return e-mail ??? What is that all about is this thing working or, not I’d like to use CSE if someone can help me, to get it to work.

Thank you

I’m adding this information here in the hopes someone can see something I may have missed. This here is what I get when sending to say hotmail.

Dear Users

The sender Who Ever has stated that this e-mail cannot be viewed using the Comodo SecureEmail WebReader Service.

To view the message, you are encouraged to download a copy of the SecureEmail application here

This is an automatic message, please do not reply to this message.

So what would be the point of having someone click on a link that is just going to give them the above error I can’t think of many of my friends, that are going to like this one bit so, is there a fix for this.

Thanks again