secure online storage for files

Hello comodo team.
Recently I made a fresh install on my laptop and before that I had backed up my pictures and important files on online storage place, which is for free in my country(certain provider), using ftp protocol. Everything went great but I said to myself that probably it was not a good idea to have my whole files backed up on just on place(I hate tons of cd-s) and I started searching for another one. So I tryed some other free online storage services like mediamax, xdrive… but unfortunatelly I have had big problems with them so I have stopped using them. Than I thought of that topic at this certain forum and decided to ask if there is a chance to establish a secure free online storage for backing up our valuable data. And further on I would suggest to implement connection between such online service into your backup product for automatic and scheduled backup. Or does this already exist? I hope this suggestion belongs here, cos I thing this is relevant to security.
I hope you could do something like that. I do not wanna appear greedy cos this sounds like, PLEASE, GIVE US FREE HDD-S. (:TNG)

hi Thomas

we will be launching an Online Backup product soon.
But this is a costly service. There is a cost to providing this service and the more we store the more it costs us.
Any ideas as to how we could offset the cost? if there are, then why not.

Dear Melih.
Regarding offset… Maybe you could add ads(let say google adsense) on online storage window where back ups will be. So therefore we could get free online storage and you would get money from adds that would sit in the window where our profile with stored files would be. Just an idea. I understand that cost a lot of many to establish, buy hardware and maintain online strorage. But I understand that there is a lot of money being made by advertisement and I do not see a reason why you would not put some adds on such service(announce in eula) which would cover all the expances from online storage, give you probably some more profit, rise-distinguish your good company name, and offer us a free secure service.
But anyway I am glad for all your products that are free. Even with them you give so much for free.
Thank you