secure dns

i have cis7 and noticed there is not a block to click to have comodo secure dns settings. are the settings automatic?

The Comodo SecureDNS is only offered at CIS installation, if declined then there is no way to enable it through CIS (that I know of) you will have to manually assign the DNS servers - In the same way if you accepted Comodo SecureDNS at CIS installation then there is no way through CIS to disable it, you will have to manually change the DNS to DHCP or other servers.

thanks,i found it,i do have it

Just on a side note regarding Comodo Secure DNS.
When CIS is uninstalled from the system, DNS settings now revert back to system defaults.
‘Obtain DNS server address automatically’

Only for info.
It is possible to look at this utility. (If you quickly want to change DNS).

thanks everyone for your replys