Secure DNS will NOT stop turning on!?

Hi i am new here. sorry if this is in the wrong spot.

every time i restart the PC Comodo resets the secure dns. i keep turning it off. it turns it back on.
i never installed it with enabled secure dns, but it keep turning it on.

latest version from windows 8 app store. windows 8 x64.

Also keeps doing it with comodo uninstalled and ccleaner used. even without ccleaner.

also, the worst part is there is no settings menue to change settings to try to turn it off.

you really need to undo the idiot proofing as its a total pain.

the secure dns breaks the internet connections at work and school.

Try following the instructions linked to this post.

That is what i keep doing to turn the comodo secure DNS off.

I need a way to PERMINANTLY stop comodo from turning it back on!

Comodo IS acting like a DNS changer virus!
I have uninstalled, ccleaned, removed registry entries, the works. But Comodo keeps replacing its secure DNS settings upon fresh boot of the PC. AND IT NEEDS TO STOP.

Thats what is happening. Sorry if i was not clear enough in my first post.
I’m not mad, I excentuated main points with CAPS to help people read it easier.

In the final step in the link below are you selecting Obtain DNS server address automatically and certain to be selecting OK when closing?
Comodo Secure DNS

Yes, that is why i am able to use the internet.

Every time the PC is turned back off, and then back on later when i need it, or the next day, Comodo has convinently replaced it back to its secure dns settings.

it is extreemly bothering, i do not have time to a complete fresh install and replace all my software.
It still happens even after comodo is uninstalled.

Windows 8 x64
Latest version of comodo off of the windows 8 app store.
it says direct to publishers site, there i download a file a few hundred megs in size, then it is what is used to install comodo.

and i NEVER installed comodo with secure dns enabled to begin with, it did it on its own, and when i keep putting it back to automatic, next time the PC is restarted, it puts it back!

Comodo is losing my trust…

I understand your frustrations.
Can you please tell us more details about your system and components?
Thank you.

It’s an odd thing happening on your system.

Can you also tell us if you are using Comodo Dragon and/or Comodo IceDragon browsers? Does the problem occur with every browser you use?

Was the uninstallation of CIS successful?

With default settings the installer of CIS will set to use the Secure DNS servers. To change default settings of the installer you will have to go into the advanced settings of the installer.

Are you running software that makes software snapshots or may interfere with general Windows settings and is able to restore Windows settings?

The only Browser I use is Firefox, it is the only one installed. I would remove IE but I can not. I never use IE, but the browser is not the problem.

The uninstall of CIS was successful, I even restored the PC to an earlier time to remove it, I even tried CCleaner, I even checked for left over files on C drive, as well as deleting every registry entry I could find left over afterwards (Which was my last attempt). I finally re-installed Comodo Internet security free from the windows 8 app store because I need a good firewall and antivirus.

But the problem is it still keeps putting its Secure DNS addresses into my network adapter IPv4 settings.
And I have to keep turning it back to automatic every time I restart the PC. Which is a total pain.

I have already tried numerous times to re-install custom withot the secure DNS enabled. I even did that from the beginning. Which is what is making me fristrated in the first place. It was never selected to begin with from the very first time.

No software snapshots of any kind.

Windows 8 Tablet PC
It is The “Samsung AtiV Smart PC Pro 700t”. it is 64 Bit.

This is the link to the PC I own:

I never had any Antivirus installed before or during Comodo. I checked that for sure.

What I need to know is where to turn off the setting either in windows or from comodo that makes the Comodo Secure DNS keep being reinstated into the Wireless adapter in the IPv4 settings.

I thank you for our help. My frustration is coming from Comodo apparently being poorly coded and bugged for this to keep happening. Its making me wonder about the integrity of the rest of it.

What popped in my head and it should have done that much earlier. What DNS servers are set in your router? If they are set to Comodo Secure DNS then they will magically reappear with default network settings of Windows (it will get the DNS server addresses from the router).

However that would mean that the dns settings would still be dhcp based (automatic) which is not the case based on the quote below.

I did some thinking about this problem and since CIS was uninstalled and the DNS settings were still being set to the Secure DNS servers, I think there might a problem with the OS like corrupt files etc. Running a “sfc /scannow” may perhaps solve the problem?

If not then perhaps uninstalling CIS again (if not already uninstalled) and then running the unofficial uninstaller for CIS in safe mode will solve the problem if there is any left over CIS files? And perhaps cleaning the registry with CCleaner.

If that doesn’t work then perhaps a work-around would be to create a .bat file that changes the DNS settings to automatic on start-up, the problem here is that the .bat file must be started with administrator rights and there is no setting to always make it start like that hence I think you need to write a program that always executes with administrator rights that then executes the .bat file… or simply write the program to change the DNS settings automatically and skip the .bat file altogether? I don’t know how to write such a program though, but I will look into it.

Edit: GHOSTOWLGRID, could you post the IP-addresses that are set for DNS? Just want to double check that these are indeed the Secure DNS IP-addresses and not IP-addresses from some other program. :wink:

Edit 2: I’ve looked around a little and I do personally not have the knowledge needed to make a program that does this (I’m horrible at programming) Sorry :frowning:

Here’s a couple of options:

Open - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\Tcpip\Parameters\Interfaces

You will probably find several subkeys that look like a bunch of numbers and letters. Click on each one until you find the one that matches your adapter. Towards the bottom there’ll be an entry for NameServer. Delete the value for this and reboot.

If that fails I suggest you reset the TCPIP stack:

Open and elevated (Administrative) command prompt and type the following:

netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt

Reboot and see if has worked.

Sorry it has been a long time, but I have tried your suggestions.
Making a Bat file I can do, but making it change the DNS settings never worked. It always made an error and never worked.

I finally took the time to go through the registry for comodo and windows adapters, it did not seem to work either.
(Finding a complete list of registry key entries for everything was a total pain).

As time went on, comodo had an update, nothing changed, and CCleaner had an update, nothing changed, then I had a bunch of windows 8 64-Bit updates, then CCleaner updated again, and now I no longer have the issue.

Somewhere along the way, the computer stopped resetting the DNS IP numbers back to Comodo secure DNS.

The IP addresses it kept changing the secure DNS settings to were exactly as you see them on the comodo web site.