Secure DNS & DNS Client Service

Does the “DNS Client” service need to be running for Comodo Secure DNS to function properly?

Thanks in advance.

The service is not needed to successfully use the Comodo Secure DNS servers.

Hi lucid717,

No it does not need to be started, DNS Client only tries to help speed up DNS queries by creating a local cache… say you use browser1 and go to your IP Stack consults the configured DNS servers for an IP address that matches this domain ( with A record www

The answer is saved in the PC’s DNS Client cache, if browser2 needs to access the same record it doesn’t need to query the DNS Server because it’s already in cache, you can see what’s in your cash by opening a command-box (start, run, cmd) and then type

ipconfig /displaydns

So depending on your taste and likings you can disable DNS Client without causing trouble.
Only if you have a lot of the same queries it will be a bit faster with DNS Client enabled… but remember where talking about milliseconds here like 10 to 100ms or something.

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