Secure DNS blocked access to, (torrent sites)

Hi all,
I was trying to connect Torrent websites such as,, etc. but i can not get it work, then i removed secure dns, after that i could connect to these websites.
Is it just me who facing this problem, or is it a problem for all, please find it out if it is a problem please fix it.

It’s just you ;D

I’m currently using Vuze as my torrent client. I mostly use, but mininova and demonoid work fine with Comodo DNS on my system.

Thanks kyle, L.A.R Grizzly for quick response.

I found out today that Comodo’s secure DNS indeed blocks Demonoid (as of this evening anyway)
The tracker could not find the host. When I tried going to Demonoid’s website it first just wouldn’t connect. when a few minutes later I tried again with a bookmarked torrent I got the message from Comodo that the site was blocked. I then changed my dns servers to those of openDNS and then the website and tracker worked again. So yes, Demonoid is currently definately blocked by Comodo’s secure DNS servers.

Well if you want to access the sites just hit disregard it and enter that why comodo gave it the option!

I was just about to make the switch (actually logged into my router on another tab), and then I saw this thread. Sounds like they make be some bugs to be worked out. I will wait for now.

i can access to and using comodo secure dns :slight_smile: thanks alot comodo.

Can we please lock or delete this thread problem is solved.

I can also access demonoid etc. Yes I get the DNS msg from Comodo, but you can easily choose to proceed.


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Over the weekend sites like, and were blocked but now are not blocked any more. :slight_smile:

Here some rules from Demonoid:

These rules are:
      o Include this info file inside the torrent
        This is a simple text file that says this torrent is tracked by  If you fail to add this to your torrent, then the site will reject it.
      o No adult material allowed
        Demonoid has a strict policy against pornographic material.  Any content depicting a ■■■■■■ act will be deleted.  There are countless sources to distribute this type of material and Demonoid is not one of them.
      o No spam (make quick money / Win an iPod / online poker / pyramid schemes, etc.)
        Get rich quick schemes, money pyramids, free stuff and the likes do not benefit anyone.  Torrents such as these will be deleted on sight.
      o No hate inducing material of any kind.
      o No passworded archives.
        Passworded archives (. rar, .zip, .ace, .tar, .7z, etc.) are not allowed.  Forcing people to go to other site to acquire a password is a nuisance on the community.  Torrents which are reported for violating this rule are immediately deleted.
      o No torrents from private trackers
        Torrents from trackers that require registration on a site to download are not allowed.
      o No duplicate material
        Please search before uploading to check if the material is already on the site
      o No trojans or virus infected archives
        No infected torrents are allowed.  Torrents infected with trojans, virii, adware, spyware, malware, etc. will be deleted.
      o No hacking tools (reading material related to this subject is ok)
      o Try to make sure your torrents are well-seeded for at least 24 hours or until there are some seeds to replace you.   </blockquote>

Doesn’t sound like a malware site to me ;D

Good news! ^^