Secure and trackers-free chrome/firefox extensions.

Most of chrome extensions are full of adware/spyware code, returning most of the data they can access…

Could Comodo make most of the useful extensions on its own but without that extra spying code?

I could point out Smooth Gestures for chrome being an awesome extension, but that is full of spyware …

Lol…Chrome extensions full of adware/spyware? Too funny. Which ones? Google is very specific on what programs are allowed into the Chrome store. 5+ years of using Chrome and I have never seen an addon that contain such things. 88)

Not quite. :wink:
Initial Beta release 2 Sept 2008

Ummmmmmmmmmm. No need to be an “a–”. Its 2013. Chrome came out in 2008. So in Sept it will officially be 5 years. That is only 3 months from now so its closer to 5 years then 4. I would expect a better and more mature answer from a mod. Thanks.

We also expect the sme from the members but we dont always get what we want

Lighten up a little, it was just a humorous friendly comment as gestured with the wink of the eye.

Thank you.