Secondary AV alongside CIS premium

Can anyone recommend a secondary av that works alongside CIS premium?

I want something just to do a scan every other week in case CIS isn’t picking something up. So no background processes or on access scanning.

I tried clamwin but it takes forever. I’ve downloaded MSE but the installer is packed with dire warnings about running it alongside any other security software. :o

So does anyone actually have this setup, and if so, what can you recommend?

Thank you :slight_smile:

I suggest a full computer on-line scanning:

For detection-only, not cleaning:
Trendmicro housecall

Here a very comprehensive information about the on-line scanners.
Also, here a full list of on line scanners.

Please, do NOT use a second resident (on access) antivirus or your system will crash.

look for free versions without a guard. and look for tests of them.

malwarebytes antimalware free is one example as reserve.

Thanks both.

I’m going to try the Malwarebytes free version as it looks exactly like what I’m after - an on demand only scanner.

I’m not sure I like the idea of opening up my whole PC’s file system to an online scanner :slight_smile:

Much appreciated :slight_smile:

its basically a very good support for an existing antivirus with guard.
but you may want to look for a “regular” antivirus free version without a guard, to make the scans which should cover the usual amount and mix of threats.

malwarebytes is a good second opinion, or a last chance in emergency. but it should not replace a standard database scan alone.
an example for a good on demand antivirus, which is serious enough to full replace, free and without a guard, is a-squared free.
while looking for tests, you might find others.

If you are a Normal User u can close your eyes and trust CIS it will protect you from everything
if u want an second opinion u can use following along side CIS All work Perfectly Along side CIS (Tested win7 x64 sp1)

  1. hitman pro
  2. Malwarebytes anti malware
  3. Panda cloud scanner
  4. Super antispyware
  5. Immunet
  6. CelFrame antivirus
  7. Microsoft security essential
  8. Emsisoft antimalware
  9. Avast 6 free version

Just make sure you don’t have any real-time functionality enabled on any of these…

Most of the time, disable is not enough. Drivers and services could conflict anytime. The user won’t achieve more protection. He/she will reach an instable situation…

today i installed avast free and added exclusions for CIS and added exclusion for avast in CIS. They are working perfectly and i don’t see any slow downs also.

just make sure to have only one component for each “protection field” at once (including drivers for “disabled but installed” features).
good computers may compensate big amounts of redundant and conflicting functions and calculations, so you maybe dont notice it. but conflicts may happen each second un-noticed though.

karthik1eee, if you’re using Comodo antivirus side by side with avast you’ll see, sooner or later, problems and conflicts.

i know that, thats why i installed avast using custom installation and i checked only script shield. all other shields are not installed. i don’t know CIS can block scripts, but i didn’t installed avast for protection, it can be handy if CIS and malwarebytes didn’t find threats(that never happens), but handy.

scripts in browsers? if you use firefox, you dont need to run a whole program against scripts.
noscript is an add on for firefox, where you decide the sites which should be able to run scripts. just by pressing a button. and you can select which scripts are allowed from what third page.

make sure to make the settings for noscript. its very usefull. and if you get used to it, its no “work”.

Until you decide wrongly :wink:

i am very familier with noscript, but now i uninstalled avast because i tested combo cis and threatfire with some changed settings(not changed sensitivity level in threatfire, its in default, i changed other settings.)
i posted a new topic 2min ago on these two. so my opinion is threatfire as secondary av not avast.

ThreatFire is a behavior analysis/blocker tool, can be used as a secondary layer of protection.
avast is not, and would never be, a secondary layer of protection, as it only plays the first layer (resident, on access, full) role.

Correct! But today when i started critical area scan in CIS, it takes life time to complete. so may be threatfire is also not compatible with CIS.

Hi Tech,


Not very clear (at least for me… at the moment). What you mean by that?

1st, we are talking about “Secondary AV alongside CIS” here
So, you definitely can use that (including some correct comments above …yours included)
Not saying that anyone will be much/much better off using Avast as primary AV, which is strong & cannot be compared to Comodo’s AV at this stage by any means

As for Avast’s “behavior analysis/blocker” (BB) if you are an expert :wink: you would rather tell whether it’s possible to use only that part in real-time , but having AV resident being disabled & left as on-demand

Hi karthik1eee,

As far as I know those are pretty much compatible (even if Defense+ HIPS is in place)
Then, as any decent BB I’ve tested (examples: TF & Mamutu, which is much better) there is no impact whatsoever on any scanning time by any security & it shouldn’t be

Probably we don’t have enough info about what else is running there (in real-time as residents) at your place, or I missed that


That avast (and other antivirus) are designed primarily to be on access, resident, and not on demand, as secondary protection layer. MBAM free, SuperAntispyware free, otherwise, can run as a second opinion in the same computer as the antivirus.

Well, with Comodo Antivirus running, the “secondary” can’t be avast (or Avira, or AVG…) or you’ll have a conflict.

I’m not talking about better or best, just that they will conflict.

avast is not designed, definitively, to be on demand only. You can install everything and then disable other parts. But, really, sooner or later you’ll have troubles with the service/drivers.

ThreatFire is not being developed anymore. It’s out of question in my opinion.

Thanks a lot for the reply, Tech

As I can see you’ve got most of my concerns
Sure ThreatFire can be dismissed at the moment (? or t forever ) - U’r right

So when Comodo will introduce promised BB?? As it stand now - use Emsisoft’s BB

Excuse me but that’s Wrong! - Simple NO!

I personally can run all of those alongside with no issues whatsoever perfectly …
Definitely , “the ordinary” user may have problems indeed … again as discussed

The thing is - it is a bit of …hmmmm … 88) - choose different word please *** irresponsible*** running Comodo’s AV (trying to be diplomatic :slight_smile: )