searchprotocolhost.exe is it safe? help

Hello everyone, am new to this forum so please if not the right place for this posting let me know.

I got a new alert today that searchprotocolhost.exe is trying to perform an outbound connection to an IP address that I do not recognize and is not part of our company network.

I have searched the above service and the information on this is sketchy to say the least… can anyoen else provide details.

Installed in the last two days on a windows XP machine.
Office 2007 and Windows Search Indexer.

It just confuses me why either of these items would need an outbound connection.

Searchprotocolhost.exe is part of Wlindows Search. As far as I know it doesn´t need internet access. You can use this lookup service to see what domain it is trying to reach: . It may be Microsoft.