searching the trusted files in comodo 5?

Is there any way to search the trusted files in comodo 5? I want to remove a file and have it unknown and sandboxed but have to go through all the trusted files

And I cannot see it in the safe files but Comodo says it is

You need to push ctrl+f and then a search field will show up right above the list. You can search by starting to type the full path to the file. Or have it sort by path and then scroll trough it. It’s awkward but there are the only ways… :-\

Thanks. Not getting any search field? Do I click on trusted files first? tried that and tried opening the trusted files page of the gui and then ctrl+F

I don’t have 5.1x installed so I can’t show a screenshot for you.

The search field is leaning a bit to the invisible. It should be up top of the list of files.

May be somebody else can post a screenshot on how to look for it.