Searching references to myself: Why doesn't it work?

Some times I need to find posts that refer to myself (canolradd) in the texts, even if they are not direct replies to me. Searching for “canolradd” usually gives me nothing at all or, at most, too few posts (1 or 2). Why that?

Hi canolradd,
Using the standard search, searches for the keyword within the topic title only (Screenshot).
Using the search button from the top of the Forum page searches for the keyword within the topic title as well as within the posts.
Alternative use advanced search to search for the keyword, or keyword by a specific user within the topic title as well as within the posts (Screenshot).

If you are just looking for your own posts, go to your profile and click on show posts in your profile info.

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Hi, captainsticks!

Indeed I’ve seen that the issue is not limited to my user name. It applies to anything I try to find.

I’ve tried your suggestion, but it doesn’t help too much. For instance, searching for “canolradd” gives me only two(!) posts (see screenshot), despite this term is present in some dozen posts only in the “Submit applications…” topic.

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Hi canolradd,
Sorry I should have explained that the keyword results will only show the final result in any given topic.
For example: If you search your username as the keyword now, the last post with the keyword in this topic should show in the results but not the posts above.
I hope that makes sense and explains your lack of results findings better.
Edit: Re-worded example above.

Hi canolradd,

What captainsticks suggested is correct and it does work in both cases (search by context & going to profile where you can see all your posts
… because initial request by you was

… refer to myself (canolradd) in the texts
(highlighted is important)

And indeed when I search here there will be just two as depicted in the image you’ve posted
because there is either a quote (by you) that somebody posted or it is something like “hello canolradd” :slight_smile:
Those are within the body of the message or reply to you

Say I found your post in “Submit applications…” as you mentioned , but your nickname is not present inside the message. The name at the right (poster name) does not matter in this case according to your criteria

Another point in order to search: see advanced search ; fill in “by user:” - your nickname
but in this case you need to fill in the text (specific word/phrase/ or, again your nick :slight_smile: as you requested) in “Search for:” (highlighted in captain’s post)

Hope that helps


Thanks guys, it is now clear. But a question remains: isn’t there a way of getting all posts that have a keyword in a given topic? “Submit applications…”, for instance, is huge, and finding the last reference to whatever I’m looking for doesn’t help that much. :frowning:

Try this in whatever you normally use to search the internet with.

canolradd “Submit Applications Here To Be Whitelisted - 2012”

You are welcome.

But a question remains: isn't there a way of getting *all* posts that have a keyword in a given topic?
I don't know of a way using forum search, but the method posted above by Dennis works well (Thanks Dennis).

Forum Search will not do that, but as depicted below (attached) Dennis’s “trick” :slight_smile: gives correct results as I can see


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