Searching Comodo Forums - with difficulty

Does anyone know how you can search the Comodo forums for Windows 7 related issues - so far I have been unable to do this as 7 is not a viable search! Any clues for us Windows 7 users?


Huh…im using windows 7 also but you could ask around and other might have 7 too that could help you…its still fairly new so you wont get much feedback

Try the advanced search and use quotes like “windows 7” or “win 7”

If more people would (properly) use the Tag Cloud, that should help as well.

yeah but not everyone knows how it works and people probably dont like using tages :stuck_out_tongue:

True. I don’t like using them either and I always forget about it.

same…i even forget there their haha ;D

Thanks for all the responses - it enable me to track down a solution for all the D+ entries I have in Win7 related to rundlll - two birds killed with one stone - probably not PC!!

It would be nice of some “advanced” members had the ability to add tags to a topic. Of course, I doubt that will ever happen (without getting the admins to install some plugin - and getting Comodo admins to do much seems hard :P), but it could help the problem of the tag. 88)

Usually the Search here works better than the bar displayed on each page…at least from what I’ve heard. :smiley:

wait we cant? omg im sooooo out of it :stuck_out_tongue:

The easiest way for me is to go to Google and enter Windows 7

You can add more search terms if you want to be more specific.