searchindexer.exe keeps popping up despite allowing

Tried everything I know of, other than disabling Defense+, but the alert: “searchindexer.exe is trying to modify a protected file or directory” keeps coming back.

Can post a screenshot of the Defense + logs? They can be found under Defense + → Common Tasks → View Defense + Events.

Here are screenshots of Events and an Alert.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Does allowing and ticking “Remember my answer” do the job for you?

What version of CIS are you using?

No. Tried that countless times. Doesn’t stick. This started happening after the last upgrade. I’m at 3.14130099.587. Database 3887.

Try adding the folders and files mentioned in the logs manually to the rule of searchindexer.

Go to Defense + → Advanced → Computer Security → look up and select searchindexer. exe → Edit → Access rights → push the modify button behind Protect files/folders → now manually add the folders and files under the Allowed files/folders tab → when done Apply and Ok your way back to the main screen.

Does that fix it?

Tried those steps, then started opening browsers and when I ran a Microsoft Update, the searchindexer.exe alert appeared again, so then I tried both the Allow this Request and Treat this application as Trusted App, but keeps coming back. So I went back to the Computer Security Policy window, found searchindexer.exe, but when I clicked edit, it is now set to Use a Predefined Policy - Trusted Application. I then switched it to Custom Policy (like it was the first time I looked at it) and now the Allowed Files/Folders is empty. Uninstall/reinstall at this point? I’m willing to keep working on it though.

I am not quite sure what you mean here. When you looked was services.exe set as Trusted and then you changed it to Custom?

No, searchindexer.exe was initially set to Custom and it had 6 files/folders that were allowed (assuming from previous times I clicked Allow this request/Trusted Application. I added the same 6 again manually, as you suggested, then restarted, but searchindexer.exe started popping up again. So I repeated the steps you suggested, but noticed it was set to Trusted Application. I then set it to Custom again and repeated steps, but still won’t accept my changes. And now tonight, I’m having the same problem with the Jave Update Scheduler. Comodo is ignoring my selections.

There is something not quite right when it doesn’t remember when you ask to remember the answer. Apparently it did in the past. You are absolutely sure it doesn’t remember for those files/folders you added?

Positive. And now it’s doing the same thing with Silverlight.Configuration.exe. Launched IE to watch some Olympics videos. Denfense+Alert pops up “Silverlight.Configuration.exe is tring to access svchost.exe in memory. What would you like to do?”, followed by “Silverlight.Configuration.exe is a safe application. You can safely allow this request.” I then select “Allow this request”, then “Trusted Application”, and I made sure “Remember my answer” is checked. Click OK, alert pops up again, and again, and again. I’ve been using Comodo a longtime, I think I need to reinstall.

You took the words out of my mouth when suggesting reinstalling.

I am wondering though what happens if you would load and activate a back up profile of CIS. CIS has back ups of the profiles that come with the installation. They are in the installation folder of CIS.

When loading a back up profile you would start from the beginning but might save you from a reinstall.

Hmm, day #3 since my last reply and I just realized I haven’t had the alert problem since then. I didn’t reinstall, either. So I’ll just continue to observe and hopefully the issue resolved itself. Really appreciate the help you have provided in this forum. Thank you.