Search or at least sort application rules?

Under Firewall > Network Security Policy > Application Rules how are we supposed to quickly find an entry for a given application, among many entries? Sorting by the Application Name column doesn’t work, nor can I see a search/find button.

Is this functionality missing/broken or is there some other way?

This is a problem in other areas too where many entries are added, like Defense+, Files to review, etc.

This worked in CFP v2 and v3. I think it carries over to CIS, but haven’t checked.

There is a search facility, just very poorly documented. Naviagte to the Application Rules, and then press Cntl-F (the Windows “find” shortcut). This will change the column title into an input field, so you can type in the search parameter. Press enter, and any match will be highlighted at the bottom of your window.

I can get the Ctrl+F but I don’t seem to get any matches for words that should match.

Can you try to click on the “Application name” bar first and then press CTRL - F ?
It works for me (Vista)

Well that works but as already reported elsewhere, it requires full path to the application which is highly annoying to put it mildly. :wink:

I know, but it does work :slight_smile:
Please feel free to post this in the Wishboard for CIS.

IIRC was already done… hmm, too tired to search for it now. At least it has sort of autocomplete. :slight_smile: