Search option in application rules

I failed to understand why there is no option to search for applications in Computer Security Policy( Applications rules). It,s a very basic feature for almost all HIPS. :-TD It must not be hard to imlement.

A feature that is wished again an again.

There is, its just not very easy to find it by chance. 88)

to search through list in “Computer Security Policy”, open “Computer Security Policy”, click on any app entry at the top of the list and start typing path to program you wish to find, e.g. if you are looking for vlc.exe situated in “c:\program files\videolan\vlc\vlc.exe”:

type “c” → dropdown list appears → choose any entry with “c:\program files” path, for example “c:\program files\autoruns\autoruns.exe” (do not press enter) → erase “autoruns\autoruns.exe” part → type in “videolan” after "c:\program files" → dropdown list appears with few application entries you really need → choose “c:\program files\videolan\vlc\vlc.exe” and press enter.

that’s how i search in “Computer Security Policy”.

I know this option but it is not user friendly at all. U need to know and write the full path of application. It must be searchable just bu name of application. I saw such feature in SSM, very nice feature indeed, not sure about other HIPS.

Yes this feature would be useful. It should also search for all related entries, should that application have multiple entries.

like described here? (same feature request?)

Yes. same i mean.