Search - Keyboard shortcuts?

In many CIS windows you can perform a search by clicking on the magnifying glass in the header bar on the right.
Pressing and holding down the Alt-key for some time shows keyboard shortcuts for all other items in the window but not for the search dialog.

Is there a keyboard shortcut that can be used to activate and set focus to the search dialog?
Also, is there a keyboard shortcut to cancel/close the search dialog like pressing the Esc-key?

Both shortcuts would be very very handy to have!

You used to be able to use the ctrl+f shortcut to use search, but now that more than one column has a search function, it won’t know which search field to search from. e.g. in the firewall application rules you can search by application and by treat as column, in file list you can search by file path and company name.

Yep, ctrl+f was the search shortcut in the past.

Indeed, some windows have more than one search field but may it not be possible to give them all an unique shortcut like the other items in the window and let the same shortcuts be valid in other windows too for the same category search field?

It would reduce the number of clicks needed to search something this way.
Maybe add a wish for it or… ?