Search in Network/Computer Security Policy

Sorry to ask, but you don’t really expect the user to write the whole path to the executable, do you? I think that’s the same as not having a search function at all, even with a pretty huge ruleset (in my case 260 programs), it’s faster to search by scrolling through all the rules.

How it should behave:
The user starts writing a string, for example update, when he writes U, the list should display all programs with a path that contains U, then as he adds P, it should display all programs with a path that contains UP and so on (there should be a short delay, so that it doesn’t have to filter the list repeatedly, only when the users stops typing).
Also, the results should be sorted by relevancy, so matches for executable names should be first, matches for folder names last, sorted according to the position of the match in folder hierarchy.

Read here. It cannot be done.



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Hehe, I was confused you, whwn deleting my replies, creating my own topic.
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