Search from address bar taken over by COMODO

Sense installing COMODO if I try to do a search from the address bar in Firefox it takes me to
Before installing I could put a key word in the address bar and it would search with Google and either bring up a search results or take me to the web site for the keyword used. Like if I just put in walmart it would take me to Walmarts web site. But now I get the COMODO site saying Sorry, “walmart” does not exist or could not be found.

In about:config I have keyword.URL set to Google

Is there a way to stop COMODO from taking over the search and turn it back over to Google?

you seem to have clicked too fast while the installation.

you have choosen comodo dns resolving.

good moment to learn (without damage), that an installation should be observed carefully.
i would make a reinstall of the firewall, and then disable the choice in the installation process.

then it depends on what your setting for dns has been before. automatically get it from your provider, or if you had set one on your own.

Hi Chadric,

The url of Google search engine may be corrupted in your browser. You may try with this one to see if it works better.

as the user obviously unwillingly might have changed his dns setting while installation, we should make that clear at first. and it should be reversed.

but if its like you say, (somehow the browsers searchengine adress has been corrupted), whe should have to ask first: “Why, and what did it?”
a simple “change the adress yourself to let it work again” does not help in both of the important cases.

I’ll download COMODO and try re-installing it and see if that helps.

I always read everything when installing something but I didn’t install COMODO. I had my computer in the shop awhile back to replace a bad hard drive and they installed it there so I have no idea what options they used while installing it.

Got it uninstalled and reinstalled and made sure not to use comodo’s dns servers and that fix it.
Thank you for your help. :slight_smile:

what a shop :smiley:

Madame, your true intentions are showing. :smiley:


Has this issue been fixed, or do we still need to decide whether to use Comodo DNS or the fast adress box search?



Is it an issue?
Dont use a secure dns service, if you dont want to be bound to it.
Issue solved.

That’s quite a retorical unconstructive answer, you could very well explain why using a secure dns is bound to clash with direct address box search.
For the time being I made a shortcut by using “g word2search” that bypasses the annoyance Comodo screen.
It’s an issue from the point it’s an annoyance, if you solve issues by looking the other way that’s your style not everyone’s else.

why has no one mentioned going into your ipv4 settings and either deleting the comodo ip or selecting automatic?

Hi kortjohn,
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