Search Engines not working in 19.1

Hi there!

I noticed that the shortcuts for search engines do not work anymore since the last update… for example: I used “ama” as a shortcut to search at, which worked perfectly until the last update, when I’m typing “ama” now, it just suggests or from my history/bookmarks.

Is this is a general error or is just my Dragon acting up? :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

Have you tried to go to Settings - Show Advanced Settings - check the “Use a prediction service to help complete searches and URLs typed in the address bar” box?

Yes, that setting is checked. That’s the thing, I never changed any of the settings, it just stopped working after the update…

Hi Wurzelmann,
Check to make certain you have the desired search engine set as default and that it has not been hijacked by something.
Menu, Settings, Search.

This is not about a certain search engine, it is about all the search engines BUT the default one… my default one ist DuckDuckgo which works perfectly but then again, I do not need a shortcut for my default engine, because everything I type into my address bar is by default looked up on my default search engine…

But - as stressed above - every other search engine which has worked well so far (Google, Leo Dictionary, Amazon, IMDB…) stopped working because the shortcuts are no longer recognized, for example:

When I wanted to search on (Shortcut “am”), I typed “am” into my address bar, which “turned” into a search engine (the label read something like “search on”, which indicated that it was working) where I just simply typed in my search term and it worked.

Since the last update none of these shortcuts are working anymore, rendering the address bar useless as a searching tool…

I tried changing the shortcuts, deleting the search engines, configuring them from the start, but nothing worked… is there a fix for this or do I have to uninstall and install Comodo Dragon?


Make sure you add a space after typing the keyword in the omnibox.
If this is not the problem, try creating a new user profile in Dragon (Settings>Users>Add new user) and see if the keywords work in the new profile.


Oh my, you’re my hero, that was it… was this introduced with the last update? I feel kinda embarrassed now… :smiley:

Thank you so much, I never realized that a space would do the trick… :smiley:

Thanks Blendea George-Silviu for this info.
Wurzelmann glad to hear Blendea George-Silviu’s advice helped.

So, the new update is here (19.2) and I’m glad to see the TAB button working again… now one can choose between TAB and Space to select the search function of the respective site… just to let everyone know… 88)