Search Engine - disabled


for some month now I use “EVERYTHING 1.3” as search engine.
It normally needs/ runs with adminstrator rights (scanns all DIRs) of course.

It worked properly until yesterday.
I used Kaspersky internet Security so far.
Yesterday I deinstalled Kas IS 7 and installed COMODO IS.

Just a few minutes ago I wanted to search some files which I saved in my
"C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\Harry\Eigene Dateien"

But no files like “*.jpg” where shown.
only all files in D:, C:\images.
But no files anymore in C:"personal" which contains all my files.
But the files still exist.
I can start and view the images Windows Explorer.

Certainly I also search for other files on my HDD like .cpp or .htm files. But this is an example.
I need to search for this files to code good freeware programs efficiently.

What has been blocked by Defense or any component of CIS ?
Has anybody an idea?

I cannot find options for “everything.exe” in my ‘protected files’ or “blocked files” options in comodo
Or “Computer Security Policy” or anywhere else.

Is there an (in)OFFICIAL IRC Chat ?
from users?
I read about -
but seems to be inactive.


As you run first time this application, did you get any alerts (as blocked or sandboxed)? Can you check if this application ist listed in “My pending files” (this mean that this application was sandboxed)? If it is and this application is safe, you can move it to the “My own safe files” and try again.

When this is not working, you can try this: go to the Computer Security Policy (Defense + > Advanced), find and mark this application and then “Remove” (this will delete all the rules from Defense +). Now you can run again this application and pay attentions to the alerts (new rules will be created). This will help you if this application is blocked by Comodo.


mhh, well, both does not work :frowning:


I am so sorry … I guess it was an error with booting windows?
Now it works all again.
But I cannot explain why.
I just rebooted…

Maybe it was a setting in Comodo CIS Options or an error within authenticating into my profiles before.
I do not know.

but … still one Question:

Is there an (in)OFFICIAL IRC Chat ?
from users?
I read about -
but seems to be inactive.

When the program was sandboxed and you moved it from the My Pending Files to My Own Safe Files the program needs to be restarted again. In your case the rebooting restarted it I think.