Search Comodo forums? [Resolved]

I have tried many searches of Comodo forums with little or no success. For all of the results, I always only get one post, never the replies that go along. Using ‘advanced search’ seems to have no effect. Specifying a user or a specific forum does not change the outcome. I get results from many different users and forums. If I search for “3.0” I get results that contain a 3 or a 0, but may not contain a 3.0.
I must be doing something really stupid. Can someone help with a simple search?

Hi johnhc.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Unfortunately the search function has had some problems for a while now. It is something, hopefully, that is being addressed.

Thanks, Toggie.
I was assuming it was something I was doing. I hope it is corrected soon because it is pretty much unusable as is.