Search by itself - see screendump

Every ten minutes or so comodo pops up a new search window in chrome. Why is this? Virus, malware?

Se picture of screendump

Thanks in advance

Edit: Forgot the picture…

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It can’t find the requested url. Because you selected to use the Comodo DNS servers you will be redirected to that page when Secure DNS cannot find the url.

But I´m not searching (requesting) anything… This window pops up by itself…

Am I thinking wrong here?

I typed in the url in my browser using my ISP’s DNS servers and they can’t find it either. See attached image.

Try reaching the homepage of the site you are trying to visit and see if that works or not.

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I think I´m bad in explaining, or I´m having a difficulty understanding you…

I am not searching… Comodo does that by itself.

It´s not me initiating the search. Something else triggers it.


I leave the computer-machine (say leave the house). When I come back, say one hour later, three new search-windows have been opened. All of the trying to reach the same adress… Just like the screendump

Thank you for your patience

So have you installed Stream Portal?

Never heard of it, no…

Well, your computer is trying to access that URL for some reason. It appears to be an advertisement. (going by the netad portion of the address) Does it appear when you are visiting any particular web page?

It looks like some adware may be starting the default browser. Can you see what process is starting up Chrome? Check with View Active Processes in Defense +.

Now we got eachother…

No, I don´t do anything. It triggers the search by itself.

The rest is to advanced for me… Isent there somekind of universal “all-in-one-malware-removal”? A program that can clean the spyware for me…

To remove possible malware let the following scanners run:
Hitman Pro
Malwarebytes Antimalware
Super Antispyware

I think i found it. It was a sidebar gadget. Don´t know how it got there though…

Thanks for all help. Atleast I got rid of a lot of malware…

Thanks again