search box error

In icedragon when i try to add search box from customise bar box to navigation bar it installs --but in a very strange format with a lot of weird icons to left of tab used to select search engine. Any suggestions? Thanks

Hi and welcome mjsmjs,
Is this happening with the default theme?

Yes i have been using default theme–but since posting have tried new theme(chrome theme)–but it makes no difference.So far have stayed on chrome theme. Thanks

Hi mjsmjs,
You could try the portable version, this would eliminate any possible user profile issues.
Note portable version check box in step 2 of the instructions in the link below.
Downloading and Installing Comodo IceDragon

Note: This will not effect the installed version.

Thanks very much for help. Have found problem: apparent conflict with site search add on (green icon). When i unistalled this add on everything ok!

Well done with solving the problem and thanks for posting back your findings. :-TU