Seagate Rescue for free

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I’ve tested the promo and it still works. Just go through the whole process of clicking (if not from us or canada, enter perhaps a bogus address) and pay now (doesn’t matter which service or if you don’t have any of the ones listed. It’s free anyway).

Promo Summary

  1. 5 licenses of Seagate Rescue for free
  2. go to here and enter RESCUE as coupon code.
  3. Go through the whole process until license is given
  4. Download software here (below the screen) The Leader in Mass Data Storage Solutions | Seagate US

Valid from 12:01 a.m. Pacific Time (PT) July 11, 2011 to 11:59 p.m. PT August 11, 2011

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Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike

Hope this helps.

This appears to be aimed at System Builders, and creates a hidden partition on a PC’s hard drive where one or two clean C: drive images can be stored. Then if the PC becomes “scrambled” due to an errant app or virus or human error or what-have-you (OTHER THAN hard drive physical failure), on boot the user can select to restore the PC from the hidden partition (over-writing all existing C: drive data including wiping-out any user data there).

It seems you can use it five times and then you’re done–requires an online connection where the license is tracked.

If I were building a PC for a friend, I’d be interested in this to give him/her a “last resort” option to restore the PC if he/she screws it up. But for my own purposes, I make image files as backup for my PCs and would not be interested to use this at all.

Someone will surely correct me if I’ve misunderstood this software.