Sea of Theives [Closed Beta] Winsows 10 Closes Upon Launch


When Comodo Firewall is installed, Sea of Theives Windows 10 keeps closing around a second after launching.

Uninstalling Comodo Firewall fixies the issue.

SOT is set as trusted, however it shows in the ‘Containment Events’ log that it has been contained. It does not show in either the ‘Blocked Applications’ or ‘Unregognised Files’ menu.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Please try latest v6514 and let us know if both the issues persist.


Thanks umesh,

I installed a fresh version using your link, and although I can now launch the game into the menu. When I try to connect to a server the game again closes.

Ok, team will get in touch.

Hi, ReeceN.

Could you please check your PM and provide requested data for further investigation.

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You can try a workaround which is to add the game executable to the don’t detect shellcode injections in these applications.

Hi futuretech,

This has resolved the issue.


Not exactly sure how a team of devs asking $80 for a game haven’t heard of Comodo before. They even had Early Access testing to fix blatant issues like this. Is this on your guy’s end, or is this just SoT devs making up excuses?

Hi Ardeof,

We are looking at it. Till that you can try a workaround which is to add the game executable to the don’t detect shellcode injections in these applications.

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Oddly enough getting the directory of the game is difficult because the folder it’s located in is cut off from access (can’t enter directory), even to the only user (An Administrator). Not all Windows store games act like this, just seems to be a handful. No need to worry about a workaround, I refunded the game. As far as i’m concerned if Indie devs can develop a game that runs with Comodo, a dev team working for Microsoft should be able to as well.

If you use a security program, make the settings.
For example, if you use paranoid mode, no game will run without settings. And the game developer is the last one who could fix your security software.

Afterall comodo is meant to protect you from malware. With your approach it protects you from using legit software.

HIPS is disabled. So the “paranoid mode” doesn’t exactly work here. That’s a nice assumption, however I followed instructions from one of your members who shows the videos on those little video popups that you guys do occasionally.

Edit: To clarify a bit, I checked the older videos of the guy who does those Comodo vids and one showed him showing his Comodo settings and how he uses it on average etc. One of the settings was HIPS disabled, because like myself it was probably causing him compatibility issues with a lot of things. I’d like to try it again someday, but it’s another factor in a system that i’m not quite confident in yet (It being Windows 10 and all).

Well… not trying to defend any part but if they did report the issue, it’s commendable.

Merged topics of the same issue. It would be helpful to get memory dumps from %userprofile%\AppData\Local\CrashDumps if they exist. I’m also guessing the game does not like 3rd party code/dll being injected into the game process for anti-cheat measures or hooking of certain Windows API functions used by the game.

FYI I can confirm adding the game executable into the ‘Don’t detect shellcode injections into these applications’ fixes the issues for the release version of the game also.

Maybe all that is required is for Comodo and/or Rare to just publish a Help Article on the settings required for the game to work.

This issue has been resolved and fix is coming in this month release. We hope to have Beta version available soon for your verification.


You can verify this crash in today’s beta:


Hi umesh,

I can confirm the game no longer crashes with the latest beta build of Comodo Firewall.

Thanks for resolving that guys!