Scvhost.exe blocking behavior suddenly changed.

I just recently switched from Comodo Firewall 5 which worked great but I had to update because it was so outdated. I skipped updating untill Comodo was similar to version 5 and I’m currently very happy how Comodo is working sofar.

The one thing that suddenly changed for me was that I blocked out going connections from svchost.exe and they would be added as individual blocked connection rules. Now however suddenly when I block an svchost.exe connection it always adds it as “block any and all” including my only 2 allowed connections for svchost.exe that allow internet usage. I wonder why this behavior changed all of a sudden. I was happy blocking individual connections for svchost.exe.

Is there a way to for Comodo to block individual connections for svchost.exe like before?

Yes you need to set the alert frequency level to high, by default it is set to low.

Its now blocking individual svchost.exe connections like before. Thank you for your help. :slight_smile: