SCVHOST (1028)

Hi my name is marc and i have a broadband connection 1m line, im using win7 64 and ur free product comodo firewall. Firstly would like to compliment a great product thankyou. Now my question, every now and then a file svchost(1028) starts downloading a considerable amount of traffic and im not sure what its doing. Is it updating or is it a attack. Ive tried to add it to my Firewall block app, but then after a while my browser stops responding, any info would muchly be appreciated, even if u can direct me somewhere on the web to find answers would be helpfull. Thankyou

Update ive find some infoe while browsing these forums and find out how to capture the servises its using, are these trusted sites ?

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Howzit peoples (An update)
Ok firstly i googled all those services listed under 1028 and they all seem safe.
Now the good news ive think its stopped, well ive let it run, my connection for about half an hour and nothing :slight_smile:
What i did!
I ran my updater and installed 3 updates win 7 service pack 1 and malacius removal tool and some other update i cant remeber now, any way i think its solved my problem (I hope), so far no connections with scvhost-1028.
The only thing now and then i get a popup that system wants to acces some ip address, one that came now source ip-( destination ip-( and destination port-445.
I blocked it as the color code of popup was orange to red, but im not sure exactly whats its trying to do ?
Anyway its now almost 45 min and still no 1028 connection…
Once again to all the comodo staff/techies a great product and recommend to all Thankyou, im a happy fella now :slight_smile:

I feel a bit silly reposting my own updates but i thought i just let everyone know in case anyone has the same problem.
Good news still know connection from 1028 and its been almost hour and half, so i think as i mentioned above did the trick, but im no IT pro and sure someone has a better explanation, well im off to bed and will not post anymore about this topic unless it happens again - cheers

Definitely do not feel silly! It’s very useful to read what solutions people have found to their problems. :-TU :slight_smile: