Scrolling Problem

Site loads properly in CD v.13.2. But clicking on a link, only brings the page up if zoom level is 100% or 120% and scrolling is impossible. Adjusting to 144% or 172% (too large) allows for scrolling and page is no longer frozen. Happens with extensions enabled or disabled.
No such problem on the site when using Opera or Firefox.
Any ideas?

Any link in particular that you are seeing this with? I’ve been clicking links and the pages have been displaying and scrolling fine.

Win XP Pro, SP3
Dragon 13.2

From the top (as of 4:52):
Stocks get smoked - no scroll
It begins - no scroll
Highlights from - scroll
Maps: a complete - scroll
19 Scary facts - scroll
Dick Bove - no scroll
Win XP SP3

I’m still not having any problems and I’ve tried messing with any settings that I thought could have an impact.

What version of Dragon are you using? Any extensions installed?