Scrolling in Outlook Express very slow & 100% CPU

Hi all,

Scrolling down a message in Outlook Express has just got MUCH slower than it used to be. Oddly, scrolling in Windows Explorer or Internet Explorer is fine, only Outlook Express is having problems.

I opened Windows Task Manager and found that System Idle Process is at 95% as it usually is, until I start to scroll, when it goes down as low as 0% depending on how fast I scroll.

Scrolling in other programs takes System Idle Process down to around 40%.

In Comodo Firewall, I have Image Execution Control Level set to “Normal”, while
Defense+ Setting is “Train With Safe Mode”.

Installation of version went fine as far as I can tell. Diagnostics does not find any problems.

Using on 3GHz Pentium, with 3GB RAM, XP Home SP2 with AVG Anti-Virus, Windows Defender and Spybot-S&D .

Same here, but scrolling problem with V3 in Mozilla Firefox :frowning: