Scroll to Top add-on do not work in CID

Scroll toTop add-on do not work in CID… ( Scroll To Top – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US) )

The other add-ons work perfectly. What is the problem ? problem is in CID or my add-on ?


I have not yet met ons that work on FF but do not work in the CID. (If the browser versions are the same).
I would recommend using a portable FF, for verification.
I check it out if you need?

Edit: Does not work. CID 20 - 22.
So it is written does not support FF 17-18.
All check in portable.

this add-on works clearly on Firefox 22…but I knew and heard CID is full compatibility with Firefox plug-ins ??

There are several extensions that work in FF but not CID…

Collusion for instance only works if you disable then re-enable it every time you want to open it, Self Destructing Cookies only works if you install an older version v pre-1 which is quite a lot of updates behind the current version. Cookie Monster has a problem where the page needs to be refreshed before the button menu will open. No doubt there are others, it’s certainly not a hard and fast rule that what works in FF works in CID.

I’ve not tried Scroll to Top, but may I suggest this one as an alternative…?

It works perfectly for me in CID 22 Portable.

then, not fully compatible 88)

thanks for the suggestion :-TU it is work on right click :wink:

You can also have buttons for it, if you right-click the toolbar and open “Customise”.

And Menu Editor - - will let you move the context menu items to wherever in the menu you want them. Unless you’re using the Noia4 theme … Menu Editor doesn’t work with Noia4.

About problems with addition it was already reported to the developer. (starting with CID 17 version).