Script Error [RESOLVED]

Ok I got my first problem in along time recently. I was trying to do a System Restore and it didnt work and ever since then I think I have a script error (no code). When I open up System Restore it is blank. When I go to services.msc I get an Internet Explorer script error. I did alot of research and found out that System Restore requires that Internet Explorer to be running right. I tried several things and no fix. I then tried to uninstall IE7 which you cannot when you have SP3. So I uninstalled SP3 and then uninstalled IE7. My problem is gone. I then reinstalled IE7 and problem is back. When I mouse over a flash object in IE nothing happens. I tried to reinstall Flashplayer but nothing happens when I do it. Also when I start up Steam it says I need the latest flashplayer installed. With IE7 uninstalled everything is fine. Any ideas guys?

Which Flash Player version do you have? I encountered problems in a Flash applications which was related to the fact that I use v 10 beta, rather than v 9. Other than this I have no idea what your problem could be about. :-\


I was using beta 10 now I am using 9 but it definitely is a flash problem. No flash images show up in IE.

If Flash 9 over Flash 10 beta didn’t help, then I’m afraid I don’t know what this is about. I guess you have done registry cleaning and all that?

Can you remember anything you’ve done that could have caused the issue?


Adaobe now has an uninstall utility. I tried that and no good. I am now gonna try there debugger.

Atleast its only effecting IE7. But System Restore doesnt work now. Any free back up alternatives that you know of?

Hi Guys

I believe this type of issue is caused by a corrupt/out-of-date system file somewhere. The problem is that things like MSC screens (including System Restore) use HTML rendering, but this HTML rendering should not to be confused with MSIE itself. Whilst they’re obviously related, they are not exactly the same thing… although MSIE can impact it (in a fashion). I don’t think Flash has anything to do with this (but, is probably impacted by it).

Debugger? It is likely this is the type of thing (dev tools & debuggers) is the source of the issue in the first place. The last time I broke my system like this, it was caused by installing an older version of MS Visual Studio… or rather a component of VS.

You can either try to live with it…

… Control Panel - Internet Options - Advanced tab - Check: Disable Script Debugging (Internet Explorer) & possibly Script Debugging (Other), but try IE alone first. This might get you access to System Restore.

… or use SFC to find the problem file…

… or do a Repair Install (can have unpleasant results & break other things).

That is exactly my problem. I am not gonna do a repair or reinstall of XP but I will try your suggestions. Thanks.

I’m afraid not, since I’ve never tried such programs. Hoping for someone else to suggest something. :slight_smile:


sfc/scannow and unticking script debug did nothing. Oh well. I guess I could call Microsoft and pay $40 but its not that big of a deal. Not gonna reinstall like I said cause it takes me weeks to get my pc back to normal.

I fixed it. I fixed. And I am not alone. I did alot of research but here is a tread I found. At the end of the thread check out the last reply. It leads you to a link at Castlecops. I then downloaded I ran it and now everything is fixed. System Restore and services.msc back to normal. IE now shows flash… :BNC :■■■■ :BNC :■■■■ :BNC :■■■■

Thread closed :slight_smile:

Josh :P0l