Screwed up and need help

I’m running a newly installed Firewall Pro 3.5 on Windows XP SP2 on two computers. I have Corel’s Office XP. When starting up Word Perfect for the first time on one computer I got repeated alerts so I changed the predefined option to trusted application and everything was o.k. and when the application is opened again there are no alerts. Very nice.
Now on the second computer I stupidly decided to play around and instead of doing trusted application I did isolated application. Now when I try to re-open Word Perfect there’s just an error message saying a file has been changed and I should re-install the appliction. I tried that but I still cannot re-open it. How do I fix this in Comodo Firewall?

On that computer open Firewall gui go to Defence+/Advanced/Computer Security Policy
Then find rule for Word Perfect either delete or edit.

Oh dear well you can always change the file that you have isolated by going to network security policy in the firewall tab of the firewall under advanced.

Thanks Dennis & Patrice. I found the offending rule and removed it. Much appreciated. Program works fine now.