Screenshots of your browser GUI

Just what I was thinking. Melih forgot the screenie. ;D

Someone else GUI

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Firefox 3.6a1pre (Minefield).

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Pls check your PM. :slight_smile:

Sending one of those infamous “mod-warnings” to Melih? ;D

Looks like someone who installs programs a lot and doesn’t uncheck the option to. :slight_smile:


Anyway… good to see some GUIs… that’s the power of browsers like Opera and Firefox, you can customize it so much.

Keep it coming. :slight_smile:

Show Menu=0

in operaprefs.ini 8)

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here’s mine, nothing special 88)

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Oh ganda, everything from you is “special”. ;D

You really are obsessed with

it’s updated daily, don’t wanna miss it

Serial killer etc… are you reading about me Ganda >:(



I’m Foxkeh Fan ;D

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As I looked at some screenshots of Google Chrome, I saw that they have the tabs above the address bar. So does Opera, but I’ve always rearranged it so the tabs are put below the address bar, because that’s how I was used to put tabs, from IE7 and Firefox.

I do think the Opera and Google approach makes sense though, as the address of a tab is actually subordinated to the tab. Thus I now think the tab should be on top. I decided to install and try Opera 10 Alpha (which - again - has the tabs above the address bar per default), so here’s how it looks (see attachment) after a little tweaking, yet with the tab bar in the default position (and I found an excellent way to hide the menubar, now I just press Alt+F11 in case I want it back).

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Here we go down security lane.

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Mine is best or at least better than all yours…

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My one.

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:-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU

you need google to find p0rn? ;D

…From Mine

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