Screenshots of CAVS

So i have made same Screenshots from the new Beta to see how it will look. I will do some more shortly. Installed on a Windows XP SP2 Compatible System in Virtual PC 2004.

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So it looks good and works great but if it’s so on my Windows 2000 Pro? i Will testing…the only what can i say no new features only bugfixes and my wish is not comming true with rootkit detection;(

I have already tested it on my Windows 2000 Pro Virtual PC, it works great :). Of course feel free to test it yourself to see.

it prevents rootkit, rather than detect it at this stage.


So i must say that works better as before. it works “ok” but i don’t know why my pc runs a little bit faster as with the previous beta but runs howerver slower as when i have kaspersky,AVG,Avil or whatever installed. i don’t understand the only what can do my pc slowdown is the On Access Scanner but he is configured ok with “only Extension” Scan, Hm i don*t know CPU usage and RAm usage is ok.

oh but i have the same Problem as before. The incomming mail Scan takes too long this was a tesmail who i have send myself with only 4 Words in it “TEST”. Why does it scans so long and it’s a simple text email, it was not fixed? So it seems i must uninstall on my working system because i’ll become daily a lot of messages i cannot work so. the only what can i do is to disable it but for security reasons this is not the right choise for me. I would using Active Virus Shiled as before on my productive system with this Free Prog i never had Problem and have rootkit detection etc.

But i am using comodo firewall from the first time with this great product i never had problem and runs more then great!!! This is the best firewall for me! And i will never change it! but CAVS i don’t know i think it needs more time to optimize and fix the bugs. AND PLEASE to the DEVS do all good jobs (bug fixing, optimizions etc.) and than i think it can be one of the best antivir freeware products. but in this state i think not. not at the Moment.